Complete Rewire Service

If you’ve bought an older vehicle to restore, have our experts replace the wiring to save you time and effort! Perhaps time has taken a toll on your classic, or a rodent chewed through the wiring while your classic car was stored away for the winter. Maybe there is a short in a wire or a loose wiring connector. We can help fix these problems quickly and affordably.

Through the course of time due to weather, elements, age, etc., vehicle wiring becomes very brittle. Automotive wiring is often neglected due to many facts. It's usually only thought of when something goes wrong, dim lights, bad ground, loss of power. If it's not impressive to you, your buddy’s, or show participants, it's not important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don't take the chance of a catastrophic failure in your prized ride.

Old Harness

New Harness